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Krewetki Black Tiger na maśle czosnkowym

Krewetki Black Tiger

shrimps fried in chili olive oil with garlic, white wine and parsley, served on a mini pan with croutons


beef tartare served with yolk, chopped onion, pickles and canned champignons
Carpaccio wołowe

Carpaccio wołowe

carpaccio as marinated sirloin slices with a bouquet of colorful salad, accompanied by capers and parmesan cheese with chilli olive oil
Zapiekane ślimaki

Pieczone ślimaki

baked snails in velvet feather-blanket with camembert sauce and the addition of colored pepper
Śledź po marynarsku

Śledź po marynarsku

traditional herring in oil with brewed onion and aromatic juniper fruit


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