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About the restaurant

Portowa Restaurant in Gliwice is a special place carrying their guests on a journey through Silesian and European cuisine.It is a place that should necessarily be on your list of culinary experiences in Gliwice.

Our experienced staff under the guidance of a frying pan and ladle master Excecutive Chef, creates a new image of the culinary arts, stimulate Your senses and acting on Your imagination. We offer excellent Silesian and European cuisine, cooked in the traditional manner with a touch of modern design. We don't know how to write about food, but we know how to create from the delicious, fresh and healthy ingredients true culinary wonders and in our cellar matures wines from the most beautiful parts of the world. In Silesia, we like to drink alcohol, but even more we love to share it, which is why we suggest schnapps and maybe even two before dinner, and for our ham you can find a wide range of drinks and beverages.

Guests begin their journey from the engine room at level 0, where is the ham and the main part of the restaurant. After satisfying hunger, you can move on the level I to the fun zone to listen pleasant music and watch interesting visual projections on four large screens. Level II is a part of the restaurant where you can afford a moment of forgetfulness and freedom, going there after a majestic spiral stairs. Perspective view from the top on the other, lower levels makes many of our quests remain there until late night hours.

We hope that "Restauracja Portowa" will become "Your haven of good taste".

Malinowski Family

For Guests

A special feature of the restaurant is its unique atmosphere and original interior, consisting of three large, open levels reminiscent of seagoing ship deck. We have an impressive collection of ship models, and every dreamer will find something for himself, from the wonderful sailing ships by warships together with our pearl aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, length more than 100 cm and ending with contemporary luxury motor boats and lifeboats.

Portowa Restaurant offers a range of activities and facilities for families who come to visit us the their children:

  • changing place, for those who still do not go "where King walks alone"
  • chairs for children
  • special menu that meet the most demanding tastes
  • play area
  • delicious sweets, the sight of which every little gourmet quickly consumes his dinner to get to dessert



Atrakcje w Gliwicach
  • 3 pools with different depth
  • Gardens painted by light (winter season) Ticket booking
  • Forest saunas (all year round) Saunas booking
  • Pool Park - snow park open in the winter season. Free admission
  • lots of water attractions for children :) slides, obstacles, seals, sharks and many more. Visit the gallery
  • security deposit box available at the gate no. 2 "Osiedle"
  • slide with a length of 73 meters
  • paddling pool for toddlers
  • inflatable water attractions for children
  • 3 beach volleyball courts
  • children's Playground
  • changing rooms and toilets
  • 4 gastronomic points


Atrakcje w Gliwicach

Gardens Painted by light is an illumination park with a truly unique atmosphere, which combines positive emotions, the beauty of light, the magic of discovering and unforgettable audio-visual effects. It is not only a place to spend time with children - it is a family journey to a unique world painted with light!

In the Gardens painted by light, everyone will find something for themselves. Fifteen unique themed zones inspired by picturesque corners of the world and fairy-tale motifs will allow you to spend an unforgettable time with friends and family. In addition to the light shows and delicious gastronomic offer, world-class animations, rides on pontoons and themed events await you!

Visit the forest pools in Gliwice, which has turned into a winter wonderland of emotions! If you want to feel like a child again and enjoy the magic of being together, Gardens Painted with Light is the place for you.



Atrakcje w Gliwicach

In our opinion, there is nothing more pleasant than a bath in a cold tub, preceded by a hot sauna session.

Our vision
Inspired by the accompanying unique experiences, we decided to create a unique place on the map of Silesia and transfer a substitute of the seaside climate to the center of the agglomeration.

Why "Bania"
The name of this unique place was inspired by Grażdanka - an alphabet from Russia, a country famous for its rich fauna and flora, and above all for its sauna culture and taking cold baths. The name is inspired by the Russian type of sauna - banya. Therefore, in the name, the first letter of the word "Bania" has been replaced with the letter - "?".